Hi, My name is Lee, Chang Yul and I am running WWOOF KOREA.
Our main work is WWOOF, you know it means that about 4∼5 hours
work a day, they are provided board and lodging.
We currently make arrangements such as countries, Australia,
Newzealand, Canada, Austria plus other programes, Kibbutz, Moshave,
Au-Pair to Korean.
Besides, study abroad programmes.
After finding your website through internet, we would like to introduce
our company via your website. We plan to link with your website. If it
is accepted, I hope that our website will be linked to your website
WWOOF KOREA was started by Lee, Chang Yul in Sep, 1996. He    
happened to know about WWOOF while he was travelling Australia. In 
just over a year, WWOOF KOREA has arranged a thousand of trips  
abroad and has also been trying to encourage local farms to open up  
to foreigners. So we are gradually making the roads into the          
WWOOFing concept.
WWOOF is an open to everything and everyone, of all nation, no age 
limit, no discrimination. The cost of membership is USD $25. It's for  
internet hire and maintenance expenses for the next travelers who are 
interested in WWOOFing in Korea.
           K. P. O BOX 1516
           WWOOF KOREA ( Here We Go )
           SEOUL 110-601
           TEL. : 82-2-723-4458 / FAX : 82-2-723-9996
           E-MAIL : wwoofkr@netsgo.com