Organic Gardening Discussion Group

Colin Shaw (!gatech!!!!neColin Shaw)
25 Mar 1997 20:40:47 GMT

This discussion group is for gardeners and plant growers who use, or are
interested in, Organic practices. Whilst being based in the UK, posters from
other areas are most welcome, but bear in mind that discussion will probably
have a bit of UK bias.

Organic (with a capital 'O') practice is a form of plant and animal husbandry
which emphasises an approach sympathetic with the planetary ecosystem. In
general, synthetic chemicals are not used, and the use of natural fertilisers
and pest control techniques (like companion planting and appropriate
mulching) is encouraged. Apart from the ecological benefits, this usually
results in tastier food, free from the synthetics residues found in most
supermarket produce.

This list is for the discussion specifically of Organic gardening; we don't
cover Organic methods of animal husbandry.

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