Re: Moratorium Called on Genetically Modified Foods

>There is an old story about the true believer.  He was trapped in his
>house as the flood water rose.  Some neighbors came by in a boat and
>offered to take him to safety.  He responded that the worst was over and
>the Lord would look out for him.  A few hours later the rising water
>forced him to the upper floor of his house and an official rescue boat
>appeared.  They warned him that the flood could worsen even more.  The
>occupant simply indicated that he was OK and he had faith that the Lord
>would protect him.  Later, with water lapping at his feet he sat on the
>roof and clutched the chimney.  At last a rescue helicopter appeared.  He
>waved them off with the comment that this was indeed a trial but his faith
>was firm.  

>The water continued to rise.   The homeowner was swept from his perch and
>drowned in the flood.  A short time later he unhappily stood before his
>Maker.  He said  "Why did you let me drown when I had such faith that you
>would save me."    In response the Lord replied, "I sent two boats and a
>helicopter to save you but you rejected all effforts." 

>Clearly, There are actions that men can do the create a threat for
>mankind.  But the biggest threat is an unwillingness to use intelligence.

>"My words mean exactly what I choose them to mean."  Humpty Dumpty

Is your point that we should use our intelligence for genetic
engineering, or that we should use our intelligence to avoid it? The
advocates of genetic engineering might argue that the flood is the
rising tide of human population.  Others (like me), would argue that
uncontrolled technology is the flood.

say no to cars.