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Please visit http://www.indozone.com/fertilade for information on an
excellent new agro-chemical product.

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<CENTER><P><FONT SIZE=-1>Parsn Villa, 56 Luz Church Rd, Mylapore, Chennai
600004, INDIA. Tel:91-44-4995567 Fax:91-44-4995988</FONT></P></CENTER>

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<P><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE=-1>Soils have been under cultivation
for several thousands of years, resulting in compactness of the soils,
besides exhausting many of the macro -, micro - nutrients available in
the soil. Compactness of soils has adversely affected the root development,
restricting the crop yields. Constant use of agricultural implements to
till the soils, frequent irrigation, heavy rainfall, crop intensity etc.
have interfered with the fertility of the soil and productivity of crops.
Soil is considered as a seat of anchorage for the plants besides being
a treasure house for soil nutrients.<BR>
Though, with the introduction of Modern Technologies in farming operations,
we could improve yield levels considerably, there is still a big gap between
the yield potential of an individual plant and the actual yield obtained.
All our sophisticated technologies to improve yield levels by way of improved
seeds (including hybrids), judicious use of fertilisers, and timely and
adequate integrated plant protection measures, could not result in exploiting
the yield potential of an individual plant.<BR>
American Scientists being seized of this problem, felt that even normal
soils require to be conditioned and as a consequence they had produced
' ACTIVE INGREDIENTS ' to condition normal soils, and this product is commercially

</FONT></FONT></B><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE=-1>Fertilade is a non
- ionic SURFACE ACTIVE AGENT directed towards soil under cultivation. Physical
properties of certain types of soils under cultivation are such that, they
are unable to absorb and retain moisture because of lack of penetration.
There are two most important properties of soils which are responsible
for surface tension which prevent penetration.<BR>
1. Physical and<BR>
2. Chemical<BR>
The distinctive feature between the two are to be well recognised. <BR>
Physical properties relate to size of the soil particles like sand, clay
etc. where as in the manner of chemical properties clay in its colloidal
form in combination with injurious salts like carbonates of sodium etc.,
forms a crust and thus prevents penetration.<BR>
<B>FERTILADE</B> being a non-ionic surface agent molecules, made up of
hydrophilic and hydrophobic components, works on the physical properties
of the soil thus creating a soil environment congenial for excellent penetration.
Thus <B>FERTILADE</B> is primarily a SOIL PENETRANT.</FONT></FONT><BR>

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