Steve Hall wrote:
>        It seems we should be asking questions not just about new
>technologies, but about existing ones as well.  It appears that it is
>possible to prevent new technologies or at least hold them at bay for a bit.
>What about moving toward more sustainable use of the ones we have?  Any

Good point. Advocates of sustainable agriculture often appear as 
anti-technology, when we are really for appropriate technology and often 
"high tech" solutions are simply inappropriate for increased quality of 
life, prosperous family farms and local food systems. We also often throw 
out the term consumer education, but were usually stymied in our efforts. 

It seems so simple. Most, if not all, citizens have to ability to vote with 
their wallets, yet seldom do. We need to develop effective consumer 
education strategies. Now if we just had the advertising budgets of the 
Fortune 500....hmmmm.
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