Postdoc at USDA/ARS Beltsville

POSITION:  Postdoctoral Research Associate

          Plant Science Institute
          Weed Science Laboratory
          Beltsville, Maryland

DATE AVAILABLE:  Immediately

CLOSING DATE:  When suitable applicant located

SALARY:  GS-11 Step 1 ($37,094)


The research associate will define water- and nitrogen-use
efficiency of crops and competing species in sustainable cropping
systems.  Research will focus on reduced-tillage systems
featuring various cover crops and living mulches in long-term
sustainable agriculture research plots at Beltsville.  Incumbent
will determine how cropping systems influence water and nitrogen
dynamics at various depths in the soil profile.  Additional
research will address root development and timing of water and
nitrogen utilization by crops and associated species as well as
the efficiency of partitioning into economic products.
Management systems will be developed which optimize the
contributions of cover crops/living mulches to the agroecosystem.


Ph.D. in Agronomy, Ecology, Weed Science, Plant Physiology, or
Sustainable Agriculture with background in the ecophysiology of
multi-species plant interactions.  Skill in use of automated data
collection systems.  Familiarity with soil moisture and stem-flow
monitoring technology desirable.


Application should include name, address, phone numbers, social
security number, country of citizenship, veterans' preference,
highest federal civilian grade held, copy of college transcripts,
date of completion of degree requirements, work experience,
publications list, one-page abstract of Ph.D. dissertation, and
description of how you meet the position requirements.  USDA is
an equal opportunity employer.


John Teasdale
Bldg. 264 Room 103
Beltsville, MD 20705
FAX: 301-504-6491
E-mail: teasdale@asrr.arsusda.gov