Re: To Garden Is To Live

"Todd G. Panter" <tpanter@hiwaay.net> wrote:

>I cannot imagine what life would be like without gardening.  To never
>plant, to never again have dirt under my fingernails, to not go to bed
>some nights so tired I fall asleep before my head even hits the pillow,
>only to jump right up again the next morning ready to go right back out
>there!  Gardening is far more than just growing things to eat or flowers
>for their beauty it is something that has always been a part of me.  As
>I grow older more and more time is spent in the garden and with things
>associated with gardening.  Gardeners are some of the greatest folks I
>have known.  Those who are not involved I can only feel sorry for, truly
>they are missing something that will change their life forever!

Oh wow.  You got that right. I wanted to be a professional gardener
but the employment prospects were pretty slim :) I became a
professional agrologist instead

Patti Story