Re: Why is 'literature' important in the college of Agriculture?

If agriculture could function in isolation, knowledge of literature (the
humanities) would be primarily for the personal benefit of the individual
student.  Since it doesn't, it pays for agriculturalists to be learned
people in order to be taken seriously by other learned people.  Also, a
University has an obligation to produce learned people in the course of
granting a degree.  If one is to be strictly a technician, regardless of
how knowledgeable in ones specialty, one should attend a trade school.
The trade school makes no pretense of broadly educated individuals, only 
good technicians.  For a university to train technicians and then grant 
them academic degrees cheapens the degree of all graduates from their 
institution.  Just some thoughts for starters.


In article <853890856.5559@dejanews.com>,  <ryan@itmg.com> wrote:
>My girlfriend is doing an essay for her University ag class.  She needs to 
>know why "literature" is important in the college of Agriculture.  Things 
>like Shakespeare and poetry and stuff like that.  Any opinions would be 
>much appreciated and very helpful to both of us.  I will personally reply 
>to any sender's of information that we use to thank them for their 
>comments and information.  I hope there are a lot of you out there that 
>can help us.
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