Sam Dell is missing!

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From:	Tim Krahling, Sr.

This will be the last time I re-post this 'missing persons' message.
If any of you have children you'll understand the desperation Sam's
parents must be feeling.  If someone could direct the investigator 
(or me via email) to a publication where Sam may read an ad, it would 
be appreciated.

We thank you for your patience, time and the use of the band-width.

Take care,
Tim Krahling, Sr.
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Samuel Dell IV has not been heard from since May, 1996 and his parents 
back in Norway are very worried.  Sam "is into" PermaCulture and 
sustainable agriculture.  I'm posting here in the hope that someone 
here knows him or his whereabouts.

The last correspondence Sam's parents sent to him came back marked;  
"DECEASED."  They believe Sam spent some time in Baltimore, Maryland, 
so they hired an investigative agency there to help find him.  Quite 
frankly, the only good news this agency has had for the parents is 
that they have determined the deceased Sam Dell is not their son.  

He's alive... somewhere, but every lead has turned into a dead-end --
For over a month now.

His last known address and phone number was:

Samuel Dell
207 Pine Street
Nashua, NH 03060-4916
(603) 882-7419

My only connection to this case is that my wife works for the agency.  
When I heard about the case and how OFTEN the parents "check in" with 
the agency, I offered to see what I could find on the internet -- The 
agency is not (yet) on-line.  Furthermore, (and I made it a point to 
ask this) I have been assured by everyone involved that this is not 
some ploy to serve Sam with some type of court papers or an arrest 
warrant.  His parents simply want to hear from him and know that he 
is OK.

If you see Sam, ask him to please contact his parents or call the 
investigative agency in Baltimore.  If you have ANY information, please 
call the agency.  If you answer me via email I will forward it to the 
investigator.  If you know of any newsletters or magazines where Sam 
might see an ad, I will also forward that to the investigator.

The agency's name is: Baltimore Security
Phone (toll-free): 1-800-899-3228
The investigator's name is Vince Keavney.

If, for whatever reason, you're interested, my info is:

Tim Krahling, Sr.
1933 Midland Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21222

Thank you.