Re: Query:labels & consumer ed

   When I signed on this list and had a look
through the postings this evening, one posting
really caught my attention.  It was dated Jan 17
from David S. Conner at the Burlington Center
for Rural Studies.

   Mr. Conner said he wanted any information about
food labels, and his special interest is rBST, which
I understand is used in dairy herds, and is very
controversial with respect to animal and human health.

   Well I can tell you this Mr. Conner:

   Here in Canada, fairly strict food labelling
laws were introduced a decade or two ago.  But when
these laws were passed, for some reason our federal
government exempted the dairy industry.  As a result
no Canadian knows what is in his/her milk carton,
unless some provincial governments have passed laws
I'm unaware of.  Certainly here in Alberta, the
milk is not adequately labelled.

   To add insult to injury, Canada's only true
national newspaper, The Globe & Mail, recently
received a slap on the wrist from the Press Council,
for alleged mistakes in its attempt to reveal the
facts about BST to its readers.  Of course, the
fat cats who lodged the complaints have done
little or nothing to make people aware BST even
exists, and it appears they want things to stay
that way.

   As a consumer in Canada, I find all this very
disturbing, but apart from sharing the information
with people like yourselves, I can do nothing.
Gary Chambers

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