Re: Irradiation/technology evaluation -Reply

Bob writes:

>......   In addition, there will be opportunities/need for international movement of agricultural commodities
>into the foreseeable future.   Irradiation offers a possible tool for: a.  preserving nutritional quality of food during shipping and storage to
>areas of need/demand.
Irradiation prevents spoilage, but spoliage is less important than
rodents. Spoilage is one consideration, however, most food stocks are
lost due to mice and rats from harvest and during shipping and


>Getting back to the issue of concentration of people in cities (and
>changing the topic somewhat); I am curious if anyone has information of
>the human "carrying capacity" of earth. 

From what I've seen the sustainable carrying capacity of earth is
between 1.5 and 2 billion. (Note: it is approaching 6 billion now)


Dell Erickson