Re: Permaculture market garden

Dan wrote:

>Yes, this works if you have the space.  Depending on climate, soils, the
>value of eggs vs vegetables in your profit margins, etc., you can have
>several plots and rotate them.  The trick then is to get your companion
>planting to work while you plant gardens that will be harvested all about the
>same time, despite the fact that they are mixed crops.  More divisions also
>allow for more space to veggies, which can be important to people on smaller
Dan, thanks for the many interesting ideas.

Actually, I was talking to a biodynamic market gardener yesterday.  He said
that the ckickens are great to fertilise the soil, but do massive damage to
the soil structure.  They tend to compact the soil, they dig up the roots, etc.

He demonstrated the difference between his improved/improving soil and some
other soil that had not been aerated and treated with the various biodynamic
compounds (some of which do sound a bit far-fetched to me).  

Anyway, the proof was there in the obviously different soil, the low number
of pests,  and the quality of the produce.  


a) has anybody had any experience with permaculture-method market gardening, and

b) any comments on the above.


Rhys Howitt
Crossroads Medieval Village Co-op 
Yass, NSW, Australia