Re: Like new used tractors

In <32E92FB4.633C@erols.com> Tom Poole <tpoole@erols.com> writes: 
>OK Used Tractors sells late model like new used tractors at a low
price and they deliver. Check them out at:
>>	http://www.pagebiz.com/ok/

    Has anyone looked at the OK USED TRACTOR site? I don't know what
the story is here - maybe it is just what they say! Anyway, these
tractors are incredibly cheap by Colorado prices. I would want to have
a tractor friend with me...but certainly worth a look. The Yanmars in
particular are a real good tractor. Yanmar no longer imports under
their own brand name because they manufacture the smaller John Deeres
up to about the 50 H.P. size.
     Has anyone gone to look at these? Do they have standard 3-points