Re: About Food irradiation

Hi Dan - 

Thanks for your note.  

I said: 
<<But I don't think it's appropriate to get upset if we
 >don't get exactly what we want and insult those who didn't meet our
needs (most particularly when one asks a question that isn't really the
of the list), but rather to appreciate what we do get, and to keep this a
 >pleasant and respectful space to participate in.

You said: 
<<  From reading the list for several weeks, I got the distinct impression
that all of the various methods used in the handling, storing, shipping,
and sale, of agricultural products WAS a large part of the focus of the
Sanet group.  Maybe be the most important part, but certainly a large
part of it.  <cut, etc.>

<<  Since you seem to be defining the focus of the list in different terms,
it appears I came to the wrong conclusion.

How very odd. Nowhere did I say that you were inappropriate to _discuss_
irradiation on this list, or that the list wasn't ag, or that that didn't
include irradiation.  What I _said_ was that I feel it's appropriate to
appreciate what others offer us, rather than denigrate that it doesn't meet
all our wishes, as part of creating a pleasant experience to all - that
rather than lashing out for unnamed specifications being unmet, one can be
more effective and agreeable by asking for what more or different one

As a highlight to this, I indicated that this was especially so in this
case, given that irradiation has not been a focus of this list - so it is
even more unreasonable to _assume_, _expect_, and _put down_ people for not
having the depth of knowledge that you require (or speaking from a
scientific non-emotional world view/style or whatever).  But that was a
side point. Even if this were an irradiation list, I still feel it's not
appropriate to get mad at and put down people because they didn't help you
in the way you expected.

Regarding the definition of this list - though I participate in the
conversation about it, I've certainly not said I'm arbitrar of it!  I would
note though that this is not a _general_ ag list but a _sustainable_ ag
list, and thus the conversation we're having here would be not just a
conversation about the different phases of ag ("handling, storing,
and sale"), but more specifically about identifying and implementing the
most _sustainable_ solutions and approaches to ag goals, at an individual
and community level.

Hope these thoughts are useful.

Patricia Dines