Beekeepers - Check this out!!!!!!!

Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center invites you to a workshop with 

Gunther Hauk 

on The Plight of the Bee - Biodynamic Principles Applied to the Varroa
Mite Problem

About the Workshop:
In this workshop,  participants will study the nature of the bee,  its
life rhythms,  and the measures that can be taken to strengthen its
health.  Dying bee populations and the rapidly declining health of bees
in general are threatening to create an ecological crisis.  In the last
ten years,  science has been striving to control the varroa mite without
causing more damage to the bee or its products.  More importantly, 
though,  from our point of view,  is to investigate what can be done to
increase the bees' health and natural resistance.  There are antidotes
in biodynamic agriculture and related methods which have been
investigated by the Institute for Natural Apiculture in Germany. 
Gunther Hauk will share the progress that has been made.

About the Instructor:
Gunther Hauk is considered one of the foremost authorities on the
development and instruction of biodynamic gardening with twenty-two
years experience in the field.  He received his Master's Degree in
Education at the University of Tennessee and has been a gardening
teacher at Waldorf schools in Stuttgaart and Heidenheim (Germany).  He
became a beekeeper in 1980 and began exploring biodynamic insights into
beekeeping.  Gunther Hauk is the Program Director at Three-Fold
Educational Foundation in Spring Valley,  New York.

About Narrow Ridge Center:
Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center (thirty-five miles N-E of Knoxville,
TN) is a non-profit  organization dedicated to fostering a sustainable
society;  one in which human health and the health of the planet are
seen as one.  To further its vision of a sustainable society,  Narrow
Ridge has created a biodynamic community-supported agriculture and
education project called One Stone Farm.

About Biodynamic Agriculture:
Biodynamics views Earth as a living being which is our sacred duty to
heal and tend.  Learning to work with the rhythms and forces of nature
and the universe,  the biodynamic farmer strives to create a balance
within the farm organism.  The well-being of each part of the farm
(animals,  water,  soil,  plants, wild areas,  and humans) is considered
to be vital to the health of the whole farm.  Hence,  our concern for
the plight of the bee.

Registration information and the schedule is on the opposite side of
this page.  If you have any further questions,  please contact Jerry
Grotzinger,  Educational Co-ordinator,  (423) 497-2753.


When:	March 7 & 8,  1997

Where:	Narrow Ridge Resource Center
	Hogskin Road,  Washburn,  TN 	Phone:  (423) 497-2753

Times:	Friday:  Registration at 5:30 PM;  Dinner provided at 6:00 PM;   
		Lecture at 8:00 PM.
	Saturday:  Lecture from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM;  Three meals provided.

Tuition:	$65 per person (includes four vegetarian meals)

Accommodation:	Bunk beds (Limited number @  $10/night.  First come
		Floor mattresses ($2/night)
Registration:	Please register by February 21,  1997.  A $15.00
non-refundable fee is required to confirm your reservation.  Fee applies
towards tuition.  A confirmatory letter and driving directions will be

Registration Form:

Name:	____________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________	

City: _____________________State: __________	Zip: ____________	

Telephone: (___)-______________
Type of accommodation: 	Bunkbed ($10/night) ______	Mattress ($2/night)
__________nights @ _______	 per night for a total of __________		
Yes (circle),  I am staying for Saturday night dinner (6 PM).
Tuition:  $65.00
Total amount enclosed: _______________	 (minimum: $15 non-refundable
registration fee)
Make check and mail to:	Narrow Ridge,
			Rural Route #2,  Box 125,
			Washburn,  TN  37888