paid internships

****************************************************************************************PAID INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE AT THE RODALE INSTITUTE EXPERIMENTAL FARM - soil health dept.
Soil Health interns will be working with Rodale Institute staff agronomists, 
investigating and developing regenerative cropping systems.  The purpose of the 
internship is to provide assistance to the Soil Health staff in carrying out soil and 
crop research while providing interns with "hands-on" experience in agricultural 
research techniques.

Interns assist researchers in the layout and establishment of research plots, routine 
plot maintenance,  data collection, laboratory analysis and summarization.  

Two long term experiments are the focus of research within in the Soil Health 
Department.  The Farming Systems Trial compares a chemically intensive farming system 
and two biologically based systems that rely on complex crop rotations, overseeding, 
legumes and animal manure to provide nitrogen and weed control.  The second long term 
cropping system experiment compares several different types of compost to chemical 
fertilizer and animal manure.

Within these two major field experiments, intern will help us investigate plant and soil 
characteristics, weed dynamics, nitrogen cycling and soil biology.

Interns will gain practical experience in agricultural research principles and 
methodology and should expect to work closely with the staff in a team approach.  This 
is a good position for a student with a B.S. in biology or agriculture who is planning 
to go on for an M.S. or Ph.D.

Specific duties include assisting staff with: 1) field plot layout, 2) soil, plant and 
grain sampling, 3) sample processing, 4) laboratory analysis work, 5) computer data 
entry, 6) summarizing data, 7) field plot maintenance and 8) other assignments as 
directed by the supervisor.

Three internship positions are available, each lasting from seven to nine months from 
March/April/May through December/January.  A background in Biology, Ecology, 
Microbiology, Soils or Agriculture and some training and/or experience in biological or 
agricultural research is necessary.  A Bachelor of Science degree is recommended, but 
not required.

Interns are paid $6.50 per hour.  Interns are responsible for obtaining their own 
housing.  Lists of local housing opportunities are available from Rodale Institute.

To apply, please contact Peggy Wagoner, Soil Health Department, Rodale Institute 
Experimental Farm, 611 Siegfriedale Road, Kutztown, PA  19530.

Telephone:              FAX:                   		E-mail:
(610) 683-1442     	(610) 683-8458	                pwagon@rodaleinst.org