Re: Ethics? (Announcement of permaculture-mg sister mailing list, sustag-principles) (fwd)

On Mon, 27 Jan 1997 blissv@nmhu.campus.mci.net wrote:

> While I have not written the list much of late, I have been reading all the
> posts that have come through.  One of the observations I have had is the
> incongruity at times with a primary ethic of Permaculture; Care of People.
> While the techical information exchanged is important and of interest, to
> forget this important principle is a negation of that which makes
> Permaculture unique. Aren't the cultural, human designs relevant?  Isn't
> there a responsibility we have to examine what Care of People means whether
> it is about community responses to what we are doing and who we are or how
> we can further education towards the implementation of Permaculture systems
> wherever people are in need of this? (Everywhere!)  People are people with
> very real concerns and needs wherEVER they may be.  While certain of these
> subjects may be a bit 'beaten to the ground' at times, it is an injustice to
> the principles of Permaculture to deny the human element of sustainability
> to be discussed. 

It would seem appropriate at this time to suggest that we utilize a new
discussion forum in the form of a permaculture-mg sister mailing list
focusing on permaculture and sustainable agriculture principles. 
I am making available an unmoderated mailing list just for this purpose, 
sustag-principles. It is available now; subscription instructions follow.

Those that primarily want discussion of hands-on permaculture technology 
can have their way in permaculture-mg; those that want to discuss the 
social, political, religious, cultural and legal issues related to
permaculture and sustainable agriculture can use sustag-principles. 
These guidelines are flexible, of course - I'm just suggesting a way we can 
make our conferences more useful to all who read and post to them.

As with permaculture-mg, sustag-principles is now processed, htmlized
and made accessable in an indexed, threaded, chronological archive in my
permaculture homepage.

The location of these resources is near the top of my permaculture 
homepage: http://sunSITE.unc.edu/london/permaculture.html

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