Harmony restored...

Dear Dan, 
I thank you for your in-depth response to the 'Ethics?' post  Yes, I agree
it is true that "design cares for that place and the people on it" and do
not extend this agreement to your statement "Care for people is an ethic
articulated in connection to actual permaculture designs."  Care of People
does not mean doing it FOR anyone..it is an internal CARE that may extend in
an impersonal humanistic manner and far beyond the perimeters of ones's own
establishment.  Certainly, we must realize it is a highly improbable
condition to even assume we CAN do it for another even if we would want to!
It is my deep conviction that Permaculture supports global concerns we may
have with implicate concern, philosophy, educational information and
technology FOR the "World Welfare" and allows us to greatly expand our
abilities to outreach to any of those individuals, communities, countries
who may be interested in increasing their welfare by the systems we may offer.

I have not, myself, been a Mollison-ite or even a Permie groupie and simply
see the comprehensive nature of Permaculture offering a great deal of what
our planet needs to begin to restore itself.  One worthy thing for all of us
to learn and remember, of course, is that when people ASK for something they
will be ready to receive it..who does well with anything pressed upon them
as prosteletyzing?

Your interest in disseminating information via the net, your classes, your
written material and your obviously vast knowledge is noteworthy and I know
many have learned and benefitted from your ongoing comittment.  I respect
your way of letting people come to you as I practice similarly in my work..I
know it works..when others are ready they will ask.  There is something to
be said for introductions to concepts through outreaches where the idea of
Permaculture hasn't yet dawned.  This may be the role of others whose
enlightening mode may be differnt than ours.  So many everywhere are ready
and waiting for their 'enlightenment' to come these days..I hold the trust
and faith that many are 'waking up' to the needs of the Earth, needs of
themselves and the needs of all.  Certainly choices others make are their
own choices..offering alternatives is relavant for people to see they HAVE
other choices.  It always amazes me to see the near and dear ones in my life
making the choices that they do regarding their lifestyles...I try to be
very patient, realizing their values are different, perhaps they will 'get
it', perhaps not... and isn't diversity what so much of all of it is about?
We all have our unique individualized place and are gifted, entitled and
responsible to finding our own part.

***The true basis of permaculture is the law of gifts, which is the basis of the
>philosophy of abundance.  In a balanced sytem, everything receives what it
>needs when it needs it and transforms these gifts to provide other elements
>what they need in the right place at the right time.  Translation:  Love is
>the harmony between giving and receiving.*** 
What I hear is a deep understanding of the cycle that in Permaculture we
begin... with the trust that by setting it into motion, the harmony and
balance will be established/restored, slowly and imperceptibly at first and,
eventually, in ever-widening ripples..  

Enjoyed your halfway program idea.  I look forward to the day when I can
offer this more consistently to others.

With great respect, 
Vinca/Vicki Garland