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This may interest teachers and other rural professionals and subscribers to
Rursoc-l.  Milt Coughenour, moderator
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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 23:36:33 -0600
From: Jim Oberly, History Dept, Univ. of Wisc.-Eau Claire <joberly@uwec.edu>

Hello, H-Rural friends:

A geographer colleague of mine at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
has built a series of Web pages for students (and other viewers) called a
"Tour of Agriculture in the United States."  The URL is:


That top-level page leads to a set of pages keyed to:

        --general farming
        --truck farming
        --irrigated farming

There are a series of topographical and physical maps, charts & tables for
each page.

--Jim Oberly, H-Rural co-editor
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