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Subject: Globalisation Conference at Reading

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Policy Implications

Reading, UK, 18-19 September, 1997

A Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists

Hosted by
Department of Agricultural and Food Economics
The University of Reading

Globalisation has recently become a much-discussed contemporary issue, but
its implications have been little analysed.  The aim of the seminar is to
assess the extent of globalisation in the food industry, and to examine the
implications of globalisation for food policy in Europe.

Globalisation takes a number of forms: globalisation of consumer markets,
which involves convergence of food consumption patterns across countries
and/or the development of cross-country segments of consumers; integration
of economies through which, in the food sector, is increasingly of an
intra-industry type; and through the cross-border activities of
multinational firms.

Papers in all areas relating to the above seminar theme will be considered,
but in selecting papers, the organising committee will give high priority to
those of an empirical nature directly related to one or more these modes of
globalisation and those that emphasise the food policy implications of the
developments.  Although agricultural products may be considered global
through increasingly free trade, we would discourage papers that simply
refer to agricultural policy reform.

Specific themes might include:

 Food consumption patterns
 Regional integration
 Competition between regional blocs
 Foreign Direct Investment and trade relations
 Global and regional marketing
 Methodological issues in global economics
 Policy and regulation of food markets
 Small and medium-sized enterprises
 The impact of globalisation on developing countries

The deadline for the receipt of abstracts of papers is March 1st 1997.
Papers will then be reviewed by an panel, with decisions on their inclusion
in the conference made by 1st April.  Papers should be submitted by the end
of June.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact:

			Dr. Rupert Loader
			Centre for Food Economics Research
			Department of Agricultural and Food Economics
			PO Box 237
			Reading  RG6 6AR
Telephone:		+44 (0)118 931 8966
FAX:			+44 (0)118 975 6467
e-mail			rupert.loader@rdg.ac.uk

an on-line version of the booking form is available at:

The conference will begin with a plenary session giving an overview of
globalisation applied to trade, consumer markets, and multinational
enterprises.  Parallel sessions, made up of contributed papers, will follow,
addressing major themes of topical interest.  In addition there will be a
structured session in which a number of short presentations, backed up by
posters, will be made.  The conference will end with a major plenary session
which will review the issues raised by the proceedings, and will assess the
needs and opportunities for further research and discussion in this area.
Participants will be invited to share their views and experiences of
conducting research on globalisation issues.

The conference has been organised by the Centre for Food Economics Research,
Department of Agricultural and Food Economics, The University of Reading,
UK, and is sponsored by the European Association of Agricultural Economists. 

The papers and discussions will be in English.

All conference sessions will be held at the Old Town Hall in Reading Town
Centre.  Registration will take place from 9.00 a.m. on Thursday 18th
September.  The conference will start at 11.00 a.m.  The conference ends
with afternoon tea on Friday 19th September, although a short social
programme will be arranged for the Saturday.

Reading has excellent road and rail links, and a direct coach link to London
Heathrow airport.

Reasonably priced accommodation will be available on the The University of
Reading campus, or in local hotels, offering a choice of facilities  All
prices (between 25.00 and 50.00) include breakfast.  All other meals are
included in the conference registration fee.

The conference dinner will take place on the Thursday evening, with a buffet
reception on the Friday evening.  The cost of these is included in the
conference registration fee.

The registration fee includes:
	a bound copy of the conference publication, containing all papers
	buffet lunches on Thursday and Friday
	conference dinner and reception with wine
	transport to and from the conference venues
	coffee and tea

Dr. Rupert Loader
Lecturer in Agricultural Economics
Department of Agricultural and Food Economics
PO Box 237, Reading,  RG6 6AR, UK
phone: 0118 931 8966, fax: 0118 975 6467  e-mail:    Rupert.Loader@rdg.ac.uk 
URL:  http://www.rdg.ac.uk/AcaDepts/ae/