clean water in Dominican Republic

There is a problem of water contamination in Dominican Republic.  
This country, although abundant in water -from 800 to over 2500 mm of 
yearly rainfall, has dry periods and semi-arid areas which must rely 
for their supply on regulation by reservoirs. A large proportion of 
the agricultural wealth comes from the irrigated 200.000 ha of land 
in the western half of the country.  Contamination of water sources 
is more intense from cities and industries during dry periods, but, 
it is a general rule in  the whole country all the time.  About 50% 
of the population lives in rural areas. Basic education is still 
deficient for most people either rural or urban. There are still 
areas where water must be carried by people to their homes.  Although 
there are regulations and governmental organizations to implement 
them, usually these are not sufficiently enforced.

We would appreciate to receive ideas on strategies (types of 
interventions) that would lead to safe and "clean water" for all on a 
continuous basis. 


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