Re: Ag related clip-art and icons

I purchased and use the Wheeler Arts CD's. They offer the most diverse
selection of ag and food and farming related clipart. Not cheap but worth
the money if you are in this business and need clipart. Windbreaks, tractors
(various), insects (decent representation of actual pests and beneficials),
sprayers, discs, fruits & veggies, emerging seedlings (various crops),
etc.etc. Good details (not evident on the graphic booklet where they are
small, but quite good once on screen or printed).

At 11:04 AM 1/29/97 -0500, you wrote:
>The Texas A&M site is the best I've found on the net.  For more detailed
>drawings and a wider range of images, Wheeler Arts sells images on both CDRom
>and disk.  They can be reached at
>Wheeler Arts
>66 Lake Park
>Champaign, IL  61821-7101
>Wk: (217) 359-6816
>Fx: (217) 359-8716
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