Agricultural opportunities abroad

Dear Sanet Members,

Myself and a fellow colleague, are students at the University of Guelph,
Canada, who are in our last semester of the Bsc. Environmental Science
program. We are very interested in applying our land resource and
agricultural type skills in an international context.  

Do any of you have any contacts for work/volunteer opportunities for
students like us, who are interested in working with NGOs, community
groups, or research stations in the environmental or sustainable
agricultural field? (Preferably South Asia). We are interested
in travelling in the Winter of 1998, for at least a few months.

Perhaps you could send me some information.  
My Guelph address is: 14 Home St., #401, 
		      Guelph, ON   

Thank you all for your time,
Ms. Zainab Moghal and Patrick Duxbury