Rural wireless Internet

Howdy, sustaggies and grass farmers and rural commnetters--

Thought this might interest.  From the Aspen Institute's  Jan 97 
/Rural Update/ e-newsletter.

There are folks at Apple Computer witnessing to rural needs who can
get the ears of FCC telecommunications policy poobahs.  If you have
stories or time, please contact Jim Lovette as listed/explained
below and share them with him!


ps---3 Delta Charlie--wooja fwd to PBI and other service providers
who have rural customers?


The Rural Update                                      January 1997

The Update addresses rural and small town community economic
development, with summaries and pointers to items on the Internet, in
major media, and in organizational newsletters and journals.

Aspen Institute Rural Economic Policy Program;  Tim Walter, Editor


Rural communities are in danger of losing one of the more futuristic
possibilities for connecting rural homes and schools to the
Internet. Your local story can help.  The payout will be years away,
but the decision-making is hot right now.

YEA!  On January 9th the Federal Communications Commission approved
free radio spectrum to be used for wireless computer networking. 
This opens possibilities for high-speed computer communication in
schools and hospitals that can't afford to re-wire.  

YIKES! The FCC is considering rules that would limit the use of
wireless to very short ranges (i.e.. inside buildings) whereas the
technology has the potential to link buildings within "line of sight"
(10+ miles).  

Jim Lovette of Apple Computer explained to the Update that rural areas
should be permitted local flexibility to serve fewer users at greater
distances.  For instance, wireless technology could provide high-speed
connections throughout an entire small town for a fraction of the
price charged by phone companies. Or the wireless link could reach a
remote house that is ten miles away from cable or fiber optic lines.  

TO ACT! Contact Jim Lovette at Apple Computer and let him know what a
wireless network can mean in your community; 408-974-1418,
jlovette@apple.com.  He wants local stories to use to inform FCC
Commissioners about rural needs.  

(See also http://www.research.apple.com/research/proj/niiband/ and
Mid-July 1996 Rural Update at http://www.aspeninst.org/rural). 

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