RE: Advantages of local food systems

I have been following the discussion of local food systems.  In fact Andy 
Fisher and William Lockeretz seem to have got it right when they hint at the 
need for solidarity among networks of local producers globally.

For many years I have been associated with programmes of sustainable local 
community development, often with support from the UN system. Right now, for 
example, we are attempting such a programme in Jamaica.  Here we are starting 
with some thirty communities working with them in a (mutual) training, 
demonstration and adaptive replication programme.  Many of the communities are 
able to produce local organic foods, but are suffering from lack of access to 
markets.  I am sure a bit of solidarity with some locally-minded people in the 
North would help here and elsewhere.

I would be very interested in knowing who is interested in helping and in what 
way with these efforts, including with technical, human-power, information and 
marketing issues.

All the best.