farm apprenticeship

Dear Kirsten,

I received your message about a farm internship via a friend.  I have an
organic farm on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  I take two
apprentices each year for 6 to 9 months beginning in the spring, March or
April.  I provide room and board in exchange for a regular workweek.  This
farm is mixed vegetables, herbs, and fruit.  We sell through a CSA, our
Saturday market and to local restaurants.

In addition, I am very active in food security issues.  We have a very
strong group of organic farmers in our community of which many are women.

If you are interested in apprenticing at our farm, please send me some
information about you.

Mary Alice JOhnson

Mary Alice Johnson and Jan Johnson
Box 807, Sooke,
British Columbia, CANADA V0S1N0
Tel (604) 642-3671
Fax (604) 642-3671