Query from author about CSAs in Washington.

I got the following query on CSAs in Washington and am forwarding it to 
the list. 

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Date: Sun, 2 Feb 97 15:07:05 PST
From: Paula Younkin <paulakay@accessone.com>
To: jbarclay@prairienet.org
Subject: CSA

Dear Mr.Barclay,

I am writing an article about people's options for organic gardening for a
Seattle paper. I need some current information about organic CSAs. 

I know about Sauk Mountain Farm in Skagit Valley. Do you know of others in
western Washington? 

I realize there may be a charge for information, which I will willingly pay.
However, I have February 10 deadline and need information sooner than a
check can be delivered  to you by mail.

Any information about CSAs--how they began, rules and benefits, where
they're found--will be appreciated. 

Thank you and best regards, 
Paula Younkin