hemp plantation - SCAM ALERT!!!

The hemp plantation thread which was recently posted in this newsgroup appears 
to be a scam...also the public sales of unregistered stocks over the internet 
seems suspect! The origin ISP (global.co.za) has been notified.

Anyone who sends money to a foreign country for what is described below is a 
FOOL and deserves to lose their money! I'm sure there's some idiots out there 
who'll send this guy money...this scam reminds of the Nigerian scam where a 
person sends money to another country in order to claim a larger amount.
Of course the person never gets their money back and there's no recourse!


In article <32dfacaf.15002375@news>, grissel@global.co.za says...
>Low THC content hemp is an accepted agricultural crop. Its uses are
>infinite  - from extra strength fibre to paper to clothing.
>For the first time on the net you have the option of becoming a
>shareholder in a legal hemp plantation in South Africa.
>The objective of this message is to attract shareholders to
>participate in a fully interactive real company with real assets. 
>The object of the company is to use shareholders money to acquire
>tracts of land in S.Africa (where the hemp plant prospers) and
>cultivate a plantation.
>The legal, low toxic hemp plant will then initially be sold to wiiling
>buyers who have a necessity for the fibre. With a view to growing the
>company into a refiner and producer of hemp by-products.
>All shareholders will be able to spend time on the plantation for
>free. This is a perk to you, the shareholder. The plantation is
>envisaged to be located in the Transkei where the climate is tropical
>and the land is cheap. Furthemore, as a prerequisite, the plantation
>will be situated on the coast for the benefit of visiting
>I envisage growth of 60% - 100% per annum over the next 7 years.
>The structure of the company will be fully democratic. All
>resolutions, propositions and decisions will be e-mailed to you for
>your vote. Your say in the day to day running of the company will be
>large (you may abstain from participation - this is your choice).
>Each share will contain 1 voting right. Shares are denominated in $10
>per share (or equivalent local currency). You need only own 1 share to
>stay on the plantation for free. You can subscribe for one or more
>The amount of capital we are raising is $100,000. This is considered
>adequate to begin a plantation due to the recent devaluation of the
>Rand. At present, we have raised $18310.
>If you would like to subscribe for shares you can send $10 / equvalent
>in local currency (or more if more shares required) to :
>c/o Greg Fox - Accountant
>37 Felix Road
>Fairmount Ridge
>Johannesburg 2192
>South Africa
>On receipt we will send you a share certificate.
>If you are presently a shareholder, our next vote will be on a Company
>name. You will be e-mailed with details.
>I am of the opinion that if you have enough faith to send money, the
>least I can do is be of great integrity and honesty in return.
>E-mail me with any questions.
>Thank you.