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Oz <Oz@upthorpe.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>In article <5cnq89$552@nnrp1.news.primenet.com>, rboosey@aol.com writes
>>I tried the their homepage yesterday and all I got was a note that the
>>page wasn't being maintained (whatever that means!).

>Too busy maintaining their tractors perhaps??

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>         - or seem wise and stay ignorant?"
or to cheap to pay their bills?? I don't think I'd trust a tractor
from someone who wouldn't pay their bills.
About their Japanese tractors, why should we buy them, when they will
not allow equal trade into their country? Our rice would sell, even
after an exorbitant entry tariff, for much less than locally grown
rice. Our cars would outsell their cars there by about 1.5 to 1,
however, they limit imports severely. Many of their motorcycles can't
even be sold in Japan, too big! They have to be imported, and compete
with Harleys for the quota (200 per year, several years ago), and they
lose out to Harleys. A Dresser (Electra-Glide) was going for about
$45,000 with a yearly tag fee of about $1000.00. Japanese motor tags
are about $100.00. A washing machine is about $450.00 for a SMALL,
apartment size machine.
	Personally, I'll spend my money on American goods, whenever possible.
Also, before you even think it, I love Japan and the Japanese people,
been there a number of times, and will go back whenever I can. I just
wish they would be trade fairly.


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