Ovine Silviculture course (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 17:33:05 -0800
From: "Habitat Farm:Dennis and Renee Lapierre" <habitat@junction.net>
To: sustag@beta.tricity.wsu.edu
Subject: Ovine Silviculture course

>From: habitat@junction.net (Habitat Farm:Dennis and Renee Lapierre)
>Subject: Ovine Silviculture course
>>Okanagan University College in Armstrong B.C., Canada offered a training
program in Ovine Silviculture ( the use of sheep in forestry) called
"Vegetation Management" for three years. 
>>It is now searching for interested individuals who would like to take the
course via distance education.  Please contact me via private e-mail if you
are interested.
>>The course contains training  as follows:
>>Tree species: identification and propagation techniques
>>Recognition of disease and stress in replanted trees
>>Estimated vegetation cover
>>Cut-block hazards and grazing potential
>>Wild forage plant species
>>Poisonous plants: recognition and effects
>>Avoiding contamination of site, water courses, etc.
>>Predator interaction: behavior, track/scat identification
>>Interaction with native animal species
>>Forest fires - reporting and first response
>>Sheep breeds: characteristics and recognition, cross breeds and their
>>Sheep health and nutrition - in depth
>>Production: breeding, pregnancy, lambing, body conditioning and scoring,
production calendar
>>Medication: vaccinations, drenches, foot baths
>>Disease and parasites: recognition and treatment
>>Flock interaction: psychology and management
>>Housing, corrals, restraints: construction and siting
>>Salt/mineral boxes, feeders, footbath construction
>>Herding and huntaway dogs
>>Guardian dogs
>>OTHER; including first aid, survival skills, campsite, site restoration,
>>Dennis Lapierre/ Falkland B.C. Canada.      habitat@junction.net