Re: Who's Who in Sust. Ag

I'm sorry for sending the unedited version, here is the final copy.  
Discard the one sent today at either 15:02 or 14:22.

Here is a directory I put together for the CSANR.  They can all be
accessed throught the internet.  Ones with a * could not be opened and
some are lists of organizations.

Hope this is of use,
Karen Goebel

> Date:          Tue, 28 Jan 1997 19:16:17 -0800
> To:            sanet-mg@amani.ces.ncsu.edu
> From:          milesc@wsu.edu (Carol A. Miles)
> Subject:       Re: Who's Who in Sust. Ag
> Deborah:
> The Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources (CSANR)
> at Washington State University can be reached at 509-335-0183.  The
> center has a web page, but I can not put my finger on the address.
> It can be accessed through the WSU home page, http://www.wsu.edu.  I
> would be interested to hear what you come up with specifically for
> WA and OR.
> >Is anyone aware of any directories listing sustainable agriculture
> >organizations (from the well funded to the smaller grassroots
> >type)? I'd be particularly interested in directories that are
> >nationwide, but would welcome input on state specific directories
> >(specifically OR and WA) if anyone knows of any. Thanks very much.
> >
> >Please feel free to respond to me directly and I'll post results to
> >the list if appropriate.
>     Carol A. Miles, Ph.D.
>     Washington State University
>     Extension Agricultural Systems
>     360 NW North Street
>     Chehalis, WA   98532
>     PHONE 360-740-1295   FAX 360-740-2792
>     milesc@wsu.edu

Katie Sue
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