(From BIODYNAMICS Jan/Feb 97)

Announcing the Formation of an Initiative Circle for Biodynamic Seeds in
North America

Seeds are the basis of life. Highly questionable trends in
conventional thinking call for alternative approaches.

The need for high quality seeds has been studied intensively by a
number of Biodynamic growers over the last several years. Out of
this, at least two initiatives have made biodynamic vegetable seeds

Turtle Tree Seeds - growing elite and production seeds in Loveland, CO.

Threshold Seeds, Inc. - encouraging associative, regional, on-farm seed


Seeds of medicinal plants are grown by Elixir Farm Botanicals in Missouri.

Aurora Farms, Porthill, ID is a source of biodynamically grown seeds.

Each enterprise offers seeds through a catalog. At a September
conference in Colorado, we looked at the desirability of working
towards a common effort, and of including the numerous other people
and groups working on biodynamic seeds.

Some of our questions, were, how to:

1.	Make biodynamic seeds available to wider circles.

2.	Develop criteria and standards of quality, and address the
	eventual need for certification.

3.	Balance the need for diverse regional and local qualities in
	seeds with the need for skilled handling of selection and elite

4.	Educate others in these skills, recognizing the uniqueness of
	each biodynamic farm and region.

5.	Build up a different image of seeds compared to the current
	approach which typically favors narrow based hybrids and genetic
	engineering and look into problems associated with this conventional
	approach, especially those relating to nutrition and health.

Eventually this should lead us to research based on nutrition and sensible
farming practices.

Steps will continue to be taken along a path leading to a common
effort in biodynamic seed production and distribution. We warmly
invite all those interested in these issues and willing to become
active with us to contact Harald Hoven at Rudolf Steiner College
(916) 965-0389.

For the working group: Hugh Williams, Nathan Corymb, Beth Corymb,
Harald Hoven, Chuck Beedy, Jean Yeager.

Others who have so far expressed interest: Lavinnia McKinney, Elixir
Farm Botanicals; Barbara Scott, Aurora Seeds; Dr. Walter Goldstein,
Mid-west Corn Club; Larry Holmes; Jim Bruce, National Seed Storage

Some BIODYNAMIC Seed Sources
The Initiative Circle for Biodynamic Seed in North America

   	1.	Aurora Farm (catalog $2.00)
		Box 679
		Porthill, ID 83853-0697

	2.	Elixir Farm Botanicals (free catalog)
		Brixey, MO 65618

	3.	Threshold Seeds (catalog $2.00)
		P.O. Box 701, Claverack, NY 12513

	4.	Turtle Tree Seed (catalog $1.00)
		5569 North County Rd. 29
		Loveland, CO 80538

	5.	Corn Club
		Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
		W. 2493 County Rd. ES
		East Troy, WI 53120

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