Programs with government and nonprofit staff teams?

Hello, SANET folks;

I am researching a whole farm planning program that uses pairs of
government and nonprofit staff to teach full day workshops. I am looking
for specific examples of other environmental education programs for farmers
(whole farm planning, or other types) that use both government staff
(extension, non extension academic or agency staff) and nonprofit staff
(nongovernmental organization, farm organization, environmental agency) in
teaching pairs.

I welcome suggestions of programs within the U.S. and Canada, as well as
from outside North America.

I do *not* mean conferences with presenters from these different
organizations, where the teaching occurs sequentially, e.g. people taking
turns by offering specific workshops. Rather, pairs or trios of different
types of staff that work consistently as a team over time, presenting
basically the same material but in partnership with each other in the same
workshop setting.

I could use contact info for people who you think offer programs organized
in this way.


Nancy Grudens-Schuck

Nancy Grudens Schuck
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