Re: Programs with government and nonprofit staff teams?

Dear Jeff and SANET,

Thanks very much for your reply. Yes, this is the sort of example I was
looking for, to help my thinking on an aspect of my research that wants to
understand the challenges and advantages of pairing staff with different
institutional (or not) affiliations.

I have some questions about this good work in Washington. I do agree with
you that expertise comes in many forms.

First, do you have written materials on your program that you could send to me?

Second, because of my unfamiliarity with the Covey model, I did not
understand several aspects of your description.

(1) Do the members of the teams (whatever affiliation -- sounds like you've
got lots of networks engaged) teach together when they teach to their
broadest audience?

(2) Do members of MSG's teach different things to each other (or to
others), e.g. is there a 'train-the-trainers/process' part, and a
'content/facilitation' part?

(3) I am pleased to see that the model has advantages and that you are
happy with the progress it has made. Are their also specific challenges? (I
don't assume that you can or should share the 'problems.' For myself, in
projects with many partners, I sometimes hesitate to speak about the
challenges as an individual, nor do I assume that e-mails on large e-mail
discussion list is the way to understand this issue! But, I *am* curious.


Nancy GS

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