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Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 11:47:23 -0700
From: John Butcher <jeb@cc.usu.edu>
Subject: Re: Silage problems (fwd)

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>Subject: Silage problems
>Hi everybody
>We have a problem of toxicity of maize (Zea maize) silage in South 
>Africa. According to the toxicologists this must have been formed by 
>fungi, however fungi cannot normally survive in the anaerobic 
>environment of a silage bunker. The toxin involved is similar to 
>ergot but no source of such a toxin could be found. Does anyone have 
>any ideas where we can start to look for the quilty party? Please 
>help us - 
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I have had practical experience with silage toxicity.  More often than it
should be, the silage is not carefully sealed.  Therefore, there is a
variable amount of silage that is exposed to the air.  Most of the spoiled
silage can be recognized and discarded.  Therefore, our recommendations are
to be more careful in storing silages, and failing that, examine the silage
carefully and discard the silage with any indication of spoilage.  This
minimized or eliminated silage problems for us.
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