Re: Organic/sustainable agriculture-videos

Here's a list of sustainable ag videos, followed by the producing organization.

"Sustainability: The Quiet Revolution," Minnesota Extension Service

"Touch the Earth," Kellogg Foundation

"Life in the Soil," Nature Farming Intnl Research Foundation

"Will the World Starve?" NOVA Public TV

"Circle of Plenty," Bullfrog Films

"Turning the Tide III: Growing Pains," Bullfrog Films (Bullfrog's WWW
address with an extensive library of videos is: www.bullfrogfilms.com

"A Farm Tour," Ohio Ecologic Food and Farming Association

"Walking the Journey," Iowa State University

Gardening Nature's Way I and II," Earth to Earth Productions

"Living Soil," MOA Foundation

"Sustaining America's Agriculture," USDA SCS

"Sustainable Agriculture: Practices for field Crop Production in the
Northeast," Cornell University Extension

"Farmer to Farmer: Controlled Grazing," Land Stewardship Project

"Sustainable Soil Management," University of California

"Moving Toward Sustainability," Iowa State University Extension

NOFA lecture series videos

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