Re: Man and Biosphere

Paula Speraneo,

You didn't mention what the articles said and what your concerns are 
but here's my input.

I worked in Washington, D.C. for a joint Smithsonian Institution/Man 
and the Biosphere Program.  We conducted Wildlands Management 
Training in Latin America.  The courses were often held in Biosphere 
Reserves.  I think that the existence of these reserves is important 
although many countries don't have the resources to manage them and 
they exist on paper only.

I found the bureaucracy to be a real pain but all in all the idea of 
setting aside areas is sound.  I used to get questions about black 
helicopters (never saw one) and UN flags hanging above a county's 
flag (while they may fly, I never even saw a UN flag).

I would be happy to provide you with more of my experience with the 
program if you would like.


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