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Resource Pointer #116

February 20, 1997

For copies of the following resources, please contact 
the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.


-- Latin America --

*Nicaragua Farmers' View, September/October 1996.* 
(Spanish and English). National Union of Farmers and 
Ranchers. Monthly periodical provides political, 
economic and agricultural news relevant to Nicaraguan 
farmers, including information about crop marketing 
strategies, local elections and labor actions. 
September/October issue includes articles about farm 
worker life on large haciendas and the 1996 Nicaraguan 
presidential elections. National Union of Farmers and 
Ranchers (UNAG), Apartado 4526, Managua, Nicaragua; 
phone (505) 266-2077; fax (505) 266-2433.

*Agro-Nutricion Campesina: Guia Practica para la Buena 
Alimentacion de la Familia Campesina Medianta un Enfoque 
Integrado, 1996.* David Leonard. (Spanish). Presents 
guidelines for improving diet, food security and child 
survival by combining nutrition education with 
information about enhancing productivity, diversity and 
nutritional contribution of family farms and gardens. 
Discusses causes and symptoms of malnutrition; 
nutritional content of common Central American foods; 
and ways to improve campesino diet while preserving 
basic structure of traditional diet. Intended for use by 
agriculture extensionists and health workers. 160 pp. 
US$24 plus US$5 shipping/handling. David Leonard, 1405 
East Lester Street, Tucson, AZ 85719; phone (520) 318-
4799; fax (520) 318-4809; email davel@azstarnet.com.

*The Needs and Opportunities for Agricultural Research 
from the Perspective of Latin America and the Caribbean, 
1996.* Consultative Group on International Agricultural 
Research (CGIAR). Gives overview of agricultural sector 
in Latin America and makes recommendations for improving 
agricultural research and increasing production. Calls 
for expanding agricultural-industrialization, improving 
equity and distribution, and conserving biodiversity. 
Discusses ways to build capacity of national 
agricultural research centers and increase international 
collaboration. 58 pp. Limited copies available. Specify 
document number ICW/96/GF/07. CGIAR Secretariat, 1818 H 
Street, NW, Washington, DC 20433; phone (202) 473-8949; 
fax (202) 473-8110; email dlucca@worldbank.org.

*Non-Governmental Organizations and the State in Latin 
America,: Rethinking Roles in Sustainable Agricultural 
Development, 1993.* Anthony Bebbington and Graham 
Thiele. Analyzes case studies of more than 20 farmer-
participatory agricultural development projects 
initiated by NGOs and state institutions in Latin 
America. Investigates strengths and weaknesses of NGOs 
in improving grassroots organization and addressing 
peasant's needs. Makes recommendations for improving 
NGOs effectiveness in working with government 
institutions to affect policy. 290 pp. US$25 plus $3 
shipping. Routledge Publishing, 7625 Empire Drive, 
Florence, KY 41042-6904; phone toll free (800) 634-7064 
or (606) 525-2230. Also available from Overseas 
Development Institute, Portland House, Stag Place, 
London SW1E 5DP, England; phone (44 171) 393-1600; fax 
(44 171) 393-1699; email odi@odi.org.uk; 

-- Announcement --

*Job Announcement: Information Associate.* Pesticide 
Action Network North America (PANNA) seeks Information 
Associate for providing research and information 
services regarding pesticides, toxicology, public health 
and public policy to the public and in support of PAN's 
projects. Qualifications include bachelor's degree or 
higher and/or experience in some combination of public 
health, toxicology or related fields. Fluency in Spanish 
is highly desirable. Starting salary from $22,279 to 
$25,788, depending on qualifications. To apply, send 
resume, cover letter describing your suitability for the 
position, writing samples and names of three to five 
references to Ellen Hickey at PANNA. Initial screening 
begins March 1; position will remain open until filled. 
Contact PANNA for more information or find full job 
description online at 

We encourage those interested in having resources listed 
in the Online Resource Pointer to send review copies of 
publications, videos or other sources to our office 
(address listed below) or to contact Information Program 
Associate Adam Kirshner for further information.  

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