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Hi folks,

Got to thinking that this list might be useful here, too.

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Hi folks,
Hope this helps,  thanks to the AcresUSA folks who really did all the work,
 they have a great catalog of Sust ag books

Video list from Eco-Ag West put on by AcresUSA

>From AcresUSA
PO Box 8800
Metairie, LA 70011

The Other Side of The Fence
Preserved classic film of Dr Wm Albrecht
father or mineral balance in soils
26 minutes

Biological Control:  learning to Live with the Natural Order
Geared toward high school students
25 minutes, USDA/APHIS

>From Bullfrog Films
PO Box 149
Oley, PA 19547

Garden Song
Potrait of Alan Chadwick
28 min

Permaculture with Bill Mollison-Arid Lands
30 minutes

Permaculture with Bill Mollison-in the Tropics
30 minues

Permaculture with Bill Mollison- Cool Climates
30 minutes

>From San Luis Video Productions
PO Box 6715
Los Osos, CA 93412
805-528-7227 fax

Farmscaping: Advanced Tactics for Achieving Sustainability
33 minutes

Integrated Pest Managemant in Agriculture
30 minutes

Integrated Compost systems
32 minutes

The Miracle of Agriculture: Growing a Sustainable Future
A multicultural look at food and fiber around the world
45 minutes

Sustainable Agriculture
30 minutes

In their Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture series
All run 30 minutes
   Field Crops
   High-Value Marketing
   IPM for Vegetables & Small Fruits
   IPM for Apples 
   Rotational Grazing

>From University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Ag
802-656-8874 fax
Vegetable Farmers and Their Weed Control Machines
75 minutes

>From VCS, Inc.
PO Box 319
Wimberley TX 78676

This Good Earth
re; soil fertility
35 minutes

>From Polyface, Inc
Rte 1 Box 281
Swoope, VA 24479

Pastured Poultry Profits
Joel Salatin narrates about his own operation
45 minutes