Re: too many cars


 > ...To some degree too many cars is a matter of perspective
 >and where you are located.  If you don't live in or near an urban area,
 >aren't so likely to perceive the number of cars on the road as being
 >many" simply because the population isn't so great.  More to the point
 >however, is that most of us who live in rural areas, either by
necessity or
 >choice, must use cars to get to work -- there simply isn't any other
 >Mass transit is economically feasible only in densely populated

  You put into words some of the thoughts I had floating around in my
head, but just could not articulate, when I wrote my response to Bill
Duesing.  And you did so in such a compelling way that it makes them much
clearer than I could have.  Thank you for  bringing them to light.

--Dan in Sunny Puerto Rico--