Re: Man and Biosphere

>We would welcome your thoughts and comments about the UN Biosphere Reserve
>program, the United States Man and Biosphere program and related subjects.
>Some recent articles and discussions have made people in our neck of the
>woods (Ozarks Bioregion) really jumpy, and we would appreciate your input.
>Paula Speraneo
>S&S Aqua Farm
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>West Plains, MO 65775
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What have you learned about this subject so far??  I have been hearing some
odd things myself as well and I too would like to know what is going on.
The most substantive thing I have heard so far is that it is a UNESCO thing
and includes both historic sites as well as bioregions.  The thing which
has people around here jumpy (to borrow your word) is the rumor that the
people currently living in the targeted bioregions are going to be moved
out of those regions whether they choose to move or not.  Don't know the
facts and no one seems to be too willing to talk.

What has anyone out in SANET-land heard??

Cheers all


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