Re: Speaker for Earth Day or organic foods forum

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> Subject: Speaker for Earth Day or organic foods forum
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> Hey - I'm writing on behalf of the Bryn Mawr College Greens - we're looking
> for a speaker to bring to campus to celebrate Earth Day, and/or to
> participate in a forum being organized on organic foods and out dining
> halls, etc.
> Are there any people out there interested, willing, or who know someone who
> would be perfect? Someone local to the PA/Philly area might be best,but
> good ideas are appreciated, too!
> Becca
> bshapley@brynmawr.edu

Forgive me if this is mentioning the obvious but isn't there a well-developed
urban gardening scene in Philly. Someone from that org. may be a good speaker,
bringing together ideas of healthy food, local food and food security.

Just a thought.