Re: Stearns Farm CSA (fwd)

From: Sun1034@aol.com

     Stearns Organic Farm, CSA -881 Edmands Rd., Framingham, MA  01701 seeks
farmer for 1997 season.  We are a community supported agriculture program
entering our 7th season.  Our focus is on vegetables, some flowers and herbs
are also offered.  We have 4.75 acres which are held in trust by Sudbury
Valley Trustees, a bioregional land trust.  We hold a five year lease from
SVT, and 31/2 acres of our land are tillable. We have offered 50-60 shares at
$300 each.  We are considering raising the price to at least $315.  The last
farmer tilled 2 1/2 acres for the CSA and used 1 acre for a cash crop.
 Expanding the land tilled for shares is possible and would increase the
farmer's salary which is about $10,000 after expenses for seed, fertilizer,
etc.  The work is general small scale organic farming. Harvesting for shares
takes place twice a week.  Sharers pick up their produce at the farm.  There
is no on-site housing, there are rental options locally.  We welcome the
farmer's input into educational outreach programs that the CSA offers.  This
is the oldest working farm in Framingham(1723) and the only organic farm.
 The land has been farmed organically since 1954.  There is other land
nearby(possibly up to 12 acres), owned by the historic Wayside Inn.  They are
considering an agreement under which our farmer could farm their land
organically and if the chef likes the produce he/she will be provided with a
ready market for extra $.  There is also a farmer's market once a week in
Framingham.  To send resume and for more details, please call, write or
e-mail:  Nina Kornstein, 59 Flanagan Drive, Framingham, MA  01701
 (508)(877-0994) <email:  sun1034@aol.com >  Our homepage is at: