Re: input sought on UC SAREP goals & strategies

It may too late, but I am interested in knowing what is happening with this
group, since I am working with several groups in Berkeley, CUESA, and Peter
Roset, and others who are interested in applying sustainable agriculture.
This year I included Sustainable Agriculture training as part of the Master
Gardener program, taught by no more than our Miguel Altiere.

I am also interested in your grants since I will be developing a food
gardening project for the County of Alameda with the Master Gardeners and
some people from Berkeley.

Lucrecia Farfan-Ramirez
County Director
Alameda County

At 01:21M 2/19/97 -0800, UC SAREP wrot
>The University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
>Program (UC SAREP)  is developing a strategic plan to guide us for the next
>five years.  In order for the plan to be most useful, we need to hear from a
>wide variety of partners and constituents.  Since we are a California
>program, we are most interested in hearing from Californians both inside and
>outside UC.
>We have drafted seven goals and a large number of potential strategies to
>accomplish those goals.  We invite your help to ensure that we have a
>complete list of options, and to tell us how you would prioritize those
>goals and strategies. There is quite a long list of potential strategies (it
>may take you 30-60 minutes to complete the survey); the responses that you
>provide will be summarized for our Public Advisory Committee and Technical
>Advisory Committee who will help us identify the highest priorities for our
>You can provide your input by requesting a copy of the survey via email or
>telephone (email will be faster and most efficient for us).  Please act
>quickly.  We must receive your responses to the survey by February 28 in
>order to compile the results for a meeting with our advisory committees in
>early March.
>916/752-7556 (phone)
>916/754-8550 (fax)
>UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (UC SAREP)
>University of California
>Davis, CA 95616 
>Tel: (916) 752-7556
>Fax: (916) 754-8550
>e-mail: sarep@ucdavis.edu
>Award Winning Web Site: http://www.sarep.ucdavis.edu
Lucrecia Farfan-Ramirez
UC Cooperative Extension
Alameda County