More on Florida Strawberries

        I was sure Kurt Davies fungicide data on Florida strawberries was
too high -- 350,000 pounds on only 5,800 acres -- so I called him.  He had
it right; the details are pretty amazing, from NASS data:

* 20.6 applications of captan per crop, 38.8 pounds per acre, or 222,000 pounds
* 101,000 pounds sulfur
* 20,000 pounds Thiram
* and change across several other a.i.'s.

        I would note that Florida strawberries are significantly more
reliant on pesticides than Claifornia, although production systems in both
states are clearly chemical-intensive, except for the growing number of
organic and bio-IPM growers, of which there are several in California and a
growing number in Florida.


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