>                                                 Announcement and Invitation
>                                International Sustainable Communities Forum
>The Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet),  the Alliance
>of Northern People for Environment and Development, (ANPED), and the
>Environment Liaison Centre International (ELCI)  are convening a
>Sustainable Communities Forum in New York City, 12-13  April, 1997.
> We invite sustainability activists and those interested in sustainability
>to come, to participate, to join us in continuing to build the
>sustainability movement.
>The International Sustainable Communities Forum, a free public event, is
>being convened to engage international dialogue and action strategies among
>civil society activists working to create sustainable communities around
>the world.  Despite differences in culture, political systems or spiritual
>traditions, many of the obstacles to sustainable communities - poverty,
>environmental degradation, gender discrimination, economic globalization -
>are common to the world's people.  This forum provides an opportunity for
>community activists from the North and South to share experiences, learn
>from, and teach each other, as they work to reach shared goals for
>ecologically sustainable development, locally, regionally and globally.
>During the two day conference, participants will take part in the following
>panels, dialogues and workshops:
>>1. "Sustainable Communities: The Concept and Vision"
>>2. "Our Strengths: Sustainability Working in Communities"
>>3. " Tools and Strategies: How We Build Sustainable Communities"
>       ( a workshop series on community indicators development, transportation,
>       food security issues, international law development and use,
>watershed stategies, others.
>>4. "Local Agenda 21s: NGO, CBO and Local Authority Partnerships"
>>5. "Challenges and Obstacles Facing the Sustainable Communities Movement"
>      (addressing issues of economic globalization and how local activists can
>      work to counter its destablizing effects locally, regionally, and
>>    internationally)
>The agenda will also feature regional forums and Sustainability Roundtables
>on "Creating Community," "Sustainable Land Use and Economic Development,"
>and "Protecting Natural Resources," all focused on identifying useful
>tools and strategies for action.  Each Roundtable will be facilitated by
>representatives from around the world (North and South). Working
>"interlocally," participants at the forum will be able to link up with
>their sustainability counterparts
>from around the world, develop strategies for creating sustainable
>communities, and connect with people doing similar work throughout the
>Attendance is free of charge, but space is limited.
>Dates: 12-13 April,Saturday and Sunday
>Site:  The Learning Alliance,
>          3224 Lafayette, 7th floor
>          Nearest subway stop is Bleeker Station,  number 6 subway line.
>Bleeker  by subway is five
>          minutes ride from Grand Central Station
> For more information, please call:
> Mary Steinmaus at 319-264-1500
> email mcsteinmaus@stanleyfdn.org
> or Michael McCoy at 212 431 3922
> email mmccoy@undp.org
>To arrange media interviews,
>please call Sharon Pickett at 301-365-9307.
>The International Sustainable Communities Forum is sponsored by the
>Stanley Foundation.