Extension service for Cuban farmers?

Greetings Ag-Exp members:

MESA, a non-profit international sust. agricultural training program, 
requests your ideas, suggestions and leads for two Cuban applicants whom 
we hope to sponsor for 6 -12 months of on-site live/work U.S. sustainable 
agricultural training. This unprecedented program is a first time 
collaboration between MESA, Food First and the Cuban Organic Farmers 
Assn. The program is designed to train Cuban agriculturists in basic and 
advanced organic ag. practices to further the advancement of sustainable 
farming in Cuba. Specifically,  we are hoping to find these two ag. 
reseachers placements with Extension service personnel or higher level 
organic production/research. 

Brief Biographical info:
1) Miguel Socorro is 50 years old and is currently Dept. Head of the Rice 
Research Institute. He carries out rice culture experiments. He has a 
family farming background and seeks any position that with further his 
knowledge in organic and/or sustainable rice production and technology.

2) Tania Mulkay is 27 years old and an agronomist/engineer at the Citrus 
Research Institute in Havana. She has training in disease control and 
IPM.  She seeks any position that will further her knowledge of organic 
and/or sustainable Citrus production. 

Both applicants have undergone extensive screening to receive approval to 
join MESA's program. U.S. hosts must be able to provide housing, varied 
training duties up to 48 hours/week, and send monthly program fees to 
MESA. The fees enable MESA to provide exceptional trainee benefits, 
including: stipends, health insurance, legal documentation, orientation, 
educational seminar, domestic travel and coordinator support.

We have worked with an extesnion agent at WSU who hosted a Russian intern 
last year and it was a great experience for all involved. Please contact 
us ASAP if you can help!

Thank you----

Lauren E. Augusta, Executive Director
Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA)
5337 College Ave., Ste. 508, Oakland, CA 94618
Tel. 510-654-8858/ Fax. 510-845-0861