Roundup or Glyphosate

In Australia moves are afoot to increase allowable glyphosate residue
levels 200 fold from .1mg/kg to 20mg/kg.  Does anybody out there have
information or can point me to information on the possible negative effects
of glyphosate consumption by humans?  The story is that the stuff rapidly
breaks down to harmless components.  Is this true?

I also got the following from a colleague:

While the principal ingredient would appear to be relatively safe one
must recognise the industrial and agricultural chemicals are not
analytical grade. They are crude commercial preparations with may side
reaction products. Moreover, these crude products are then formulated
into the 'on the shelf' preparation which is used in the field. There are
many other things added to the mix to make it wet leaves or get absorbed
or reduce breakdown by moisture or UV light etc.

The surfactant used in Roundup has been blamed as an agent which has led
to massive frog and fish deaths in water ways and rivers. The development
of soya beans resistant to Roundup allows heavier applications to control
competing weeds. This means heavier applications of not only glyphosate
but all the other gubbins that is mixed with it, some of which may be
very damaging to the environment of to humans.

I think, but I ma not sure, that under pressure Monsanto has recently
changed the surfactant used in Roundup, but do we know everything about
all the other things that are in the mix?

I am writing a submission against the 200 fold increase and would
appreciate any comments on the above.  Thank you.

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