Re: Ignoring a Solution

grin, that reminds me of years ago when we considered buying a farm. We 
didn't, but while I searched, the realtors, seeing that I was a woman, 
would take me to five or 20 acre parcels and show me the bathrooms and 
the kitchen wallpaper and I kept saying "Look. Does it have a good water 
supply? How are the fences? What kind of soil is here?" and they couldn't 
believe I was not primarily interested in the cuteness of the house.

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On Thu, 13 Mar 1997 MARCIEROSE@aol.com wrote:

> Bill,
> I'm stealing (and crediting) your example and trying to get the data to apply
> it here.  The last time someone from our Board of Supervisors suggested my
> cohorts and I starting a farmers' market were "hobby farmers" because of our
> scale ((5-20ac), I suggested he was a "hobby politician."  That was 8 years
> ago and the term hasn't been used since.
> Marcie