Re: Ignoring a Solution ?

>Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 13:36:00 -0500
>From: Marc Safley <Marc.Safley@usda.gov>
>Subject: Ignoring a Solution ?
>To: sanet-mg@ces.ncsu.edu (Receipt Notification Requested)

>I have read Bill Duesing's article and have two questions?  
>1. Concerning his conversation with the extension agent in Connecticut...
> Did the agent deny that USDA had no information to be extended
>regarding gardening?  Did the agent refer to  gardening as "hobby" in a
>disparaging way, or was the term used  in the same sense as we speak
>of other serious avocations...philately, fishing, photography, oil painting,
>etc?   I do not know of anyone at USDA who disparages gardening; it is
>a source of considerable nutrition and fulfillment to millions of people.  
>2. What type of policy should USDA have regarding gardening?
>Marc Safley

Personally I am raw foodist vegan and live just fine foraging around my half
acre home and guerilla raiding vacant lots...

This isn't for everybody, I understand...but realize if I could increase my
local weed diversity I would be living admirably all year long perenially. 
Spreading weed seeds hasn't been propsed by anybody thus far.

But also the labor reduction(in knowing that I don't have to set out plant
starts, or seed drill, or plowing) gives more free time to try to address to
Mark the notion that everyone everwhere can do this. Who really needs
agribusiness? OK I'll stop now on that issue.

If people on welfare could just plant a few plants in any old vacant lot. Then,
these people go to their loacal community center to sell/trade their wares
everybody wins don't they? No more food stamps, increased pride, increased
community self-sufficiency--so less burden on budgets again, more land put to
use therefore increased biodiversity.  Even better the multi-acre farms could
once again become prairie, woodlot, forest. You have to admit with timber
prices that any attempt to get more trees increases the community value.
What I've also noticed practicing these concepts is community pride/beauty
increases and petty crime decreases, people know their neighbors so there is
increased security via TRUST. Not guns, chainlink fence, or those darned car
alarms that wake you up at 2:30AM.

Thats what gardening is. My point is to get people to do what they want to do,
NOT what someone elses tells them.

OK so I am a econut---it works, fewer people lose out.

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